Protect Our Wells

is a Colorado non-profit, citizen-based organization formed to advocate the interests of county residents with private wells into the Denver Basin Aquifers.


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In El Paso County, the Denver Basin includes most of the northeastern part of the County east of the Front Range. Water from the four Denver Basin Aquifers - the Dawson, Denver, Arapahoe and Laramie-Fox Hills - supplies most of the water for the Tri-Lakes Area, all of the water for the Black Forest, and much of the water for the Falcon and northeastern El Paso County area. The City of Colorado Springs also owns and uses Denver Basin water. To the north, municipalities and private wells in eight other counties (Douglas, Elbert, Jefferson, Arapahoe, Denver, Weld, Adams, and Morgan) also draw groundwater from the Denver Basin.


The El Paso County Commissioners and some Metropolitan Water Districts have an intergovernmental agreement to participate in the El Paso County Water Authority. In June 2003, they released a report entitled "El Paso County Water Report" which suggests interim and long-term solutions for El Paso County's water supplies, including items addressing the use of Denver Basin groundwater. The excecutive summary and the full report are available.


We believe input from private well owners into the water planning process is essential, and that is the primary reason for the formation of Protect Our Wells.


Other reasons are to assemble data on the status of Denver Basin aquifers and to advocate conservation of this water as development occurs, to have a group that can work with local well owners and various levels of government, and which can help in water conservation education.




The purpose of Protect Our Wells is to:

  • Advocate and promote

the unified interests of private well owners at the local and state levels

  • Gather information

about the status of Denver Basin groundwater supplies and advocate their conservative use

  • Educate Private Well Owners

about Denver Basin groundwater


To be an effective voice for private well owners, Protect Our Wells must have a strong membership base.


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