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MARCH 2009




  • POW Needs Directors
  • POW Meets with Harris Sherman, Director Colorado Department of Natural Resources
  • Legislative Bills - SB9-216 Increases Fees for Private Well Owners



August 2008


  • Leglislative Report
  • Sterling Ranch


March 2008




  • Leglislative Report
  • How A Bill Becomes Law
  • Membership Drive


November 2007




  • Colorado Groundwater Management Policy Forum
  • Ellicott Property Owners vs. Cherokee Metropolitan Water District


August 2007

  • HB07-1156 Impacts on sellers of residential property
  • What are the Roundtables and what are they doing?
  • Water conservation tips


June 2007

  • Colorado Water Supply in the 21st Century
  • HB07-1156 Concerning Disclosure of Water Source for Sale of Residential Property
  • Conservation - A Little Goes a Long Way


March 2007

  • What Is The Southern Delivery System?
  • Government Funding for Rural Well Owners
  • Protect Our Wells Proposed Bylaws Changes


November 2006

  • El Paso County Water Authority
  • Water Quality Is Your Responsibility
  • Groundwater Rights


August 2006

  • Water Rights
  • Upper Black Squirrel Water Management District
  • Protect Water Quality


April 2005

  • Dwindling Water Supplies
  • POW Interviews El Paso County Commissioner Wayne Williams
  • Denver Basin Studies

March 2004

  • Who Is Protect Our Wells?
  • "Running Dry" Revisited
  • Scientific Approach to Groundwater Management






A Great Thirst





An ongoing series on the Pikes Peak region's water dilemma - Gazette Reporters



Articles of Interest



Water Concerns




Clarmont Ranch



Banning Lewis

Colorado Groundwater Management Policy Conference

  • Sponsored by Arkansas Basin Roundtable in September '07 - Coyote Gulch


El Paso County Water Authority (EPCWA)




Southern Delivery System